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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIF.--A line of high-tech wallets from Kopel Inc. based in Westlake Village, California is available to protect against loss or theft of credit, debit and other types of "plastic" money.

As the new millennium approaches, consumers are using more and more credit and debit cards, and less cash. This shift in the way we pay for goods and services increases the likelihood that these cards will be misplaced or stolen. To help prevent this, the Electronic Wallet by Kopel Inc. is designed to alert wallet owners whenever a card is removed from their wallet.

The wallet "beeps" when a card is removed and beeps every 20 seconds to remind you to replace your card. The beeping mechanism shuts off automatically after five minutes. "We didn’t really need a wallet of this type 20 or 30 years ago," says David Kopel, president of Kopel Inc. and wallet designer. "But our world has evolved to a point where we use our credit and debit cards on a daily basis. We're fast becoming a cashless society. To suddenly lose a card or have one stolen is a major inconvenience." Kopel notes that the wallet also prevents owners from leaving behind other types of cards including ATM cards, library cards, drivers' license and membership cards.

Kopel, an aerospace engineer by trade, came up with the idea of a Electronic Wallet after his wife lost her credit card. Through extensive research, development and testing, the wallet is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure conditions. The Electronic Wallet operates by using a small microchip and a standard, replaceable watch battery with a three-year warranty.

The Electronic Wallet comes in styles for both men and women. For international travelers, a passport style with the beeping security system is offered to protect the passport from being lost or stolen. "It looks just like any other designer wallet," notes Kopel. The wallet collection features the finest leather selections with the electronic technology of the future.

"Anyone who has forgotten a credit card at a store or restaurant, or has accidentally left their ATM card at the bank, knows how much trouble it is getting a new card," says Kopel. "People panic when they lose their credit card. If The Electronic Wallet helps you just once to remember to retrieve your card, it has more than paid for itself." For more information call 800-988-6255 or visit web site


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